• Enqoder Opensourced

    Enqoder Opensourced

    The Enqoder Project was a business idea to create an email proxy solution that would encrypt emails before being delivered to the user's mailbox. The concept sparked a lot of interest, and to give back to the Opensource community, I made it open source.


Coding is not a job, but is a passion. When presented with a problem, the answer is not 'Its Impossible', but 'What a great challenge' - Front-end logic, Back-end systems, and cryptography

<3 Linux

Live it, love it, breathe it. After scrapping Windows and embracing Linux for server and desktop, i've never looked back. A Konsole window is my second home.


Simply put, I write code, and I opensource it. My code can be found on GitHub and also PHPClasses, where I came second for an Innovation award for my One-Time Password system powered by Textlocal.