• Finnish Insults

    Finnish Swearing English Translation Vittujen kevät Goddamn! (lit. Spring of the pussies!) Perseensuti Asswipe Paskapää Shithead Paskanaama Shitface Horatsu Slut Paskanmarjat Bullshit (lit. berries of shit) Vittupää Cunthead Kusipää Pisshead Paskiainen Bastard Paska Shit Suksi vittuun Fuck off (lit. Ski into a cunt) Painu vittuun Fuck off Painu helvettiin Fuck off, go to hell Vedä […]

  • Singlish Insults

    Singlish Swearing English Translation Hong Gan Get fucked! Kgum Lan Whatever the hell for? (lit. Suck balls) Tio Gan Being fucked Sio Gan Fucking Bo Ji / Bo Lum Pa No balls Gan Piah Fuck the wall Gan Di Du Fuck a spider Hor Gui Gan Fucked by ghost Hor Gau Gan Fucked by dog […]

  • Zulu Insults

    Zulu Swearing English Translation Ugogo wakho isfebe Your grandmother is a bitch Masende kababa wakho Your father’s balls Msuno kanyoku Your mother’s cunt Stabane Faggot Malebe Cunt lips Masende Balls Ngquza Asshole Golo Cunt Msunu kanyoko Your mother’s cunt Bhebha Fuck Sifebe Whore Ingquza yakho inuka njengo fishi Your pussy smells like fish Tsa mor […]

  • Slovenian Insults

    Slovenian Swearing English Translation Kurec Penis Pizda Vagina Mamico ti spalim! I burn your mother! Cura Dick U rito te In ass like a fag Ple e ko stara kurba Dance like old whore Kurc te gleda! The dick is watching you! Che bi bili mozhgani dinamit, tebi she nosu ne bi razneslo If brains […]

  • Hebrew Insults

    Hebrew Swearing English Translation Zayin Cock, penis Harah Shit Chutzpah (or Hutzpah) Shameless audacity; impudence. Jiffa Garbage, filth Ben Zona Son of a whore Bat Zona Daughter of a whore Im hayu samim et hamo’ach shelcha b’tarnegol, hu haya ratz yashar l’shochet If they had to put your brain in a chicken, it would run […]

  • Egyptian Arabic Insults

    Egyptian Arabic Swearing English Translation Yabn El Mara Om Kus We Nus Son of the woman with a pussy and a half Koss Deen Omak Motherfuck Your Religion (extremely insulting, as are all swears involving Islam) Ta’ala Musso Come and suck (my dick) Yabn El Zanya Illegitimate son Yabn El Mara El Mitnaka Son of […]

  • Russian Insults

    Russian Swearing English Translation Hooy tebe v zhopu! Prick up your ass! (refusal to a person) Hooy na ny! No fucking way! Hooy morzhovy Walrus dick (to a person) Mandavoshka Cunt louse (to a woman) Gandon Condom (could be used to a person) Gandon shtopany Darned condom (to a person) Perdoon stary Old Fart Pizda […]

  • German Insults

    German Swearing English Translation Blödes arschloch Stupid asshole Affenschwanz Monkey-dick Arsch Ass Leck mich am arsch Kiss my ass! (lit. Lick my ass!) Arschficker Ass-fucker Arschgesicht Ass-face Arschkriecher Ass-crawler Arschloch Asshole Dumpfbacke Dumb-ass Fettarsch Fat-ass Das war ein geiler Fick That was a great fuck Willst Du ficken oder was? Do you want to fuck […]

  • Italian Insults

    Italian Swearing English Translation Vaffanculo Fuck you! (a shortening of “Vai a fare un culo” which literally means “Go fuck someone’s ass”) Non vale un cazzo Not worth cum (Useless) Ti metto il cazzo in culo e te lo faccio uscire dalla bocca If I put my dick in your ass, it’s going to come […]

  • Turkish Insults

    Turkish Swearing English Translation Eshek oglu eshek Donkey’s son Hayvan olgu hayvan Son of an animal Sicharim agazina I’ll kick your ass (lit. I’ll shit in your mouth) Amcik agizli You have a mouth like an ass/vagina It oglu It Son of a dog Piç [pidj] Orphan Kes sesini Shut up Domuz Pig Sikimi götünden […]

  • Vietnamese Insults

    Viennese Swearing English Translation Bled Stupid Aff Monkey Affe Monkey Arsch Ass, arse Arschloch Asshole Depp Idiot Fetznschädl Idiot Trottl Idiot Narr Idiot Pülcher Swindler, cheat Psycherl Short for psychopath Schleimer Creep Schnorrer Scrounger Wappler Retarded, incompetent Zniachtl Pale, quiet, boring person Gans Goose (to a woman) Kuah Cow (to a woman) Bißgurn Fishwife Flitscherl […]