Configure Lightburn for Neje Master 2S Plus

I have a Neje Master 2S Plus laser engraver, and I use Linux, so I have got myself a license of Lightburn, and proceeded to set the device up. Note: The majority of the instructions also work for Windows too. As for a Mac? I really don’t care.

First important thing is to install the GRBL firmware on the device – for this download and follow the instructions here (Neje Wiki)

Next, download the following two files:

When starting Lightburn, if you get the Devices box popup, click Import and import the Neje Master 2S Plus.lbdev file. If you don’t, click the Devices button near the bottom right of Lightburn and click Import

Once this is done, to improve performance, Select the Edit menu, and select Machine Settings. On the new window, click Load and select the Neje Master 2S Plus Device Settings.lbset and then click Write.

This will configure the Neje Master 2S Plus for use with Lightburn!

If using Linux, then make sure the user is allowed to use serial – depending on the distro, you will need to make your user a member of either dialout or uucp – you can do this simply enough with the following command: sudo usermod -a -G [groupname] [username]

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