Dark Lilly Archive – GODS




only gods are between your ears”. That is the truth, but it is extremely
difficult for most people, Occultists or non-Occultists, to accept. And, even
when logically accepted, there remains the emotional feeling that, somewhere
out there, something or someone is concerned about what happens to us.


novice’s first objection to the statement with which this article commenced is
usually that he has conducted a ritual or made an invocation to a god, say
Lucifer, and that Lucifer has responded or his presence has been felt.
Certainly there was a response, but that response was in the supplicant’s own
head. It was nevertheless real. The response came from a part of the brain
normally undisturbed. Your own subconscious contains the universe. Accepting
that and learning how to utilise it are major steps on the way to achievement.



From the Dark Lily Journal No 2, Society of Dark Lily
(London 1987).