Dark Lilly Archive – Past Repeats Itself

Past Repeats Itself

You create your own future by dealing with the present in a spiritual manner. If my own world is created by my actions and behaviour then this implies that I have the power to change my world/future. This relates to the Satanic concept that you are your own god.

How I behave depends on my outlook. If I follow one path, then my world-view will be coloured by that path. The DL system seems to centre, at least initially, on self-control. If you have control over your own self then you will be on that path to occult power. Do Not React. Simply observe – both yourself (very important) and the outside world.

The further you progress on the path the more power over yourself you will have. If every tiny thing disturbs your peace of mind then you are not following the DL path. So easy in words, so hard in reality: Don’t Take Stances.