Dark Lilly Archive - THE FIVE HORSEMEN




The fascination of watching horses is universal. With tail flying and nostrils flared, the horse makes a powerful being. We also watch with wonder when the horse is mounted, the kill of the horseman apparent. Such horses and their riders leave us impressed – but what of the horses and riders of the Apocalypse? Are they as mysterious and awesome as we are led to believe?


Try to imagine now, thundering towards you, four or maybe five skilled riders. Take note now of the colour of the horses, as each appears different. One white, one red, one black and one a sickly greenish-yellow. Firmly seated on each is a rider. Please note, I only talk of fours riders, because evidence of the fifth is scant, but I believe there to be another, and that horse is mauve.


The apostle John wrote: “Then I saw a white horse and its rider carried a bow. He was given a crown and he rode forth as a victor to conquer… And another horse came forth, bright red, and its rider was given power to take peace away from the earth and make men slaughter one another; he was given a great sword… And there I saw a black horse and its rider had a pair of scales in his hand and I heard a voice say: ‘Wheat at a day’s wage and barley at a day’s wage’… And there I saw a horse the colour of ashes and it’s rider’s name was Death and Hades followed him. They were given the power over a quarter of the earth, to kill the people with a sword, famine, death and the wild animals of the earth.” [Rev. 6:2-8]


Since this was first written, it has puzzled the reader. Many so-called great and learned men, and women come to that, have passed comment or have told the less intelligent to accept their interpretation. But what was represented by these mysterious horses and their riders? Does their ride have any bearing on life today, or, indeed has their ride even begun? The greatest variance is found in the explanation of the white horse and its rider. This first white rider was of much importance. The New Catholic Encyclopaedia says the white horse represents the victory of the gospel of truth – but whose truth? The book of Daniel says: “the white horse is an emblem of truth of the gospel”. Whose gospel? The rider’s perhaps. The whiteness of the horse denotes the purity of the faith. A faith in what or whom? We can all have purity in faith in someone or something.


The white horse denotes a cause. After all, it comes first, its stance is victorious, with the promise of future triumph. Its cause is the world and its kingdom is in the midst of us and they that oppose it, I believe, will be overwhelmed with defeat. I believe the rider of the white horse to be the Antichrist. My beliefs are not just personal ones. Much christian literature goes to great lengths to denounce my views, some even acknowledge them (like the Christian Jewish Foundation). So why do they make such efforts to keep the truth from the people, because I believe they know that sometime, someplace, someone like me and you will start somewhere and want to know the truth. This is why they hide the truth from us and make it difficult in today’s world to oppose them. Many people in the past have been content to let them have their way, it was easy, but now the people are becoming restless, there has to be more, things don’t add up, why should I not do this and not do that? So many people are restless. I am restless, my search has begun.


Still, back to the horsemen of the Apocalypse… Previously I stated that the white horse and its rider represented victory to its word (the horseman). But the world has not been informed or encouraged to seek the true word or its meaning. I was told that there is no place in the bible where it says that the rider of the white horse is the Antichrist, that he could not go forth conquering and complete his conquest. I say that if they go to extremes to disprove this fact, they must feel the fact was there is the first place. I believe the Antichrist has already commenced his ride and nears its end. He now deserves the recognition from his true followers and the way should now be made clear by us for him and those seeking his truth. His conquest will not fail; his enemies will be destroyed.


Later in Revelation, the white horse is mentioned again. Here it is called Faithful and True. The word of God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Let us examine these statements.


Faithful and True… faith… trust: belief in one’s word… loyal: keeping one’s promise. True… agreeing with what really happened. Not false. These two words explain themselves. We should place importance on who is saying them.


The word of God… who do we see as God, who do you see as God? To me there are many gods. My God was born with me, grew with me and is very much part of me. I was told: “the only god is the one between your ears”. I have no reason at this stage to think any different. Bearing this in mind, I must live by my word, act on my word and be answerable to my word by whoever challenges it. The word of God – words spoken by me.


King of Kings, Lord of Lords. We accept that the Antichrist is above all else. Words cannot for me at this stage describe his position. It is something I accept, but obviously, the more I learn, the higher I must place him. This would be so with any person. The more you know someone and learn from him, the more, it follows, you place him in high esteem.


So I am left in no doubt that the rider of the white horse is the Antichrist. His ride has begun; as he leads and instructs his direct followers, they, in turn, will lead and instruct me. I will lead and instruct others, and so it will continue. “Go subduing in the midst of your enemies”. There will be many people so called but few will be chosen to ride with the horseman. The tasks ahead will be testing ones. It could take past my lifetime to complete, and we shall look at this further, but we shall all play our part in bringing about the truth.


The second horse is bright red and it is said that the rider was granted permission to take peace away from the earth so that they should slaughter one another, and he was given a great sword. Could this sword be significant, inasmuch as it is the emblem of Satanism. Could the peace that was taken be the complacency of the people and not peace at all, could this feeling be the feeling when suddenly something comes to light and people have to face the truth. People say anything for a quiet life and, up to now, have been able to go along with this. I think the only slaughter will be the justice which those people will reap who have lied and prevented us from knowing and seeking the truth and living our lives our way.


The third horse is black and its rider has a pair of scales. The rider’s call is today very true and we know it as inflation. As the world progresses, people naturally want more or, at least, the same as their supposed betters. There is bound to be unrest. Until now, people have been content with their lot. It was unheard of to ask for what you wanted or something different. I never thought that I could ask for something I wanted, not directly, so have spent too many years beating around the bush, hoping someone will realise what I am about and give me what I want without actually having to ask. I have been conditioned to accept my lot. Now people are awakening and realising, like me, that they can have what they want and do what they want. Agreed, the world is still not ready and, to a certain extent, we must go about this in the correct manner. In any form of civilisation, there will always be those who will take unfair advantage of a given situation, so I feel it is up to us, or people like me I should say, to prevent or stop this happening. I will not let these people use my beliefs as a curtain to place around their misdemeanours. These people will be uprooted and shown for what they are.


The fourth hose was a sickly greenish-yellow and brought death. Death comes to us all, we may prolong it, we may even hasten it, but we cannot elude it. If we live our chosen path to the full, we should not be afraid of death, because in death we have life. The Christians talk of their soul. I believe in a soul, but not in their way. My soul walks hand in hand with my god. My soul is made up of my thoughts, my memory, my feelings. Physically I am sitting here, mentally I can be there with him. Standing now right by his side. If my body dies now, my thoughts, my mind, my soul would remain with him or wherever I chose to be. So, although my body dies, I live on.


We now come to the fifth horse and rider. He seems to ride farther back, bringing up the rear. I chose the colour mauve because that is how I see him. I can find no written evidence to back up my claim. The bible refers to Hades, but not as a horseman. Rev. 6:8 “and I saw a pale horse and the one seated on it was death and another followed him, his name was Hades”. So, this fifth horseman, what purpose is he? I believe to tidy up, to recover anything or anyone worth recovering. To leave behind no trace of the afore riders. A caretaker of after events.



Anonymous article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 3, Society of Dark Lily (London 1987).