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Everyone has heard of the Runes, those mysteries angular symbols carved on stone or printed on card, but few know their real uses. For so long, the Runes have been regarded as merely another fortune-telling device, simplistic interpretations delineated in book after book, with little or no acknowledgement that the Runes are part of an ancient religion. Odinism, the beliefs of the Northern  peoples (centred in Scandinavia) has survived centuries of persecution and a distortion which continues today. Realisation is gradually dawning that the Runes are part of a dynamic and effective system of Magick.


For the first time, a Priestess of Odin is making this information publicly available. Fruits of Yggdrasil is a recording of the chanting of the Runes by Freya Aswynn, a reconstruction of the traditional invoking and channelling of their power as was done thousands of years ago.


This professionally-produced record has a backing by the controversial musician Patrick O’Kill; harmonising with each Rune-Chant are sounds varying from the melodic to the sinister, musical creations which alone would be fitting backgrounds to ritual and which here blend perfectly to evoke the mood of the Runes.


Sounds are vibrations, all of which have an effect on the atmosphere. The correct sound produces the intended effect and that is the purpose of Magick. The Runes are not asthenic marks scratched on a piece of paper, they are living potent spells.


Available on long-playing record, cassette and compact disc; also book just published. For further details write to:





 From the Dark Lily Journal No 7, Society of Dark Lily (London 1988).