All religions are founded on the premise of asking someone else to intercede on the supplicant’s behalf. If the system in which a certain person believes is valid, then all the others must be equally valid. The laws of the universe do not change for anyone. Either all religious systems are viable or none of them are, and the practitioner of each one has this very simply choice to make. All are seeking the same thing, but in a different name and a different dress.


If you decide that all systems are tenable, you have to come to terms with the fact that all systems are equally tenable. One is not favoured above the others. So you have to satisfy yourself as to the reasons why you follow one religion and not another. If the answer is that you feel comfortable with it, all well and good. Otherwise you are in the position of certain sects who claim that only their followers will be “saved”, without attempting to comprehend how big the “other place” has got to be, to accommodate the rest of the world. When you invoke Satan, Thoth or Pan, you are thereby admitting that Jehovah, Allah and Buddha also exist and have power.


If you decide that no system of religion is acceptable, then you must ask yourself why you continue to pray to a specific deity. I personally see all systems as valid, but valid to the individual. If they work for one person, then they have a right to be.


Religion is, at best, inanimate. It is people who try to inflict a certain religion upon others. There are too many people who cannot just do their own thing and leave everyone else alone.



Anonymous article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 8, Society of Dark Lily (London 1989).