Quite right too! An understanding with the fundies, these charismatic pentecostalists, will never be arrived at by Occultists, or indeed anyone who is not a charismatic pentecostalist. You cannot compromise with those who believe that they possess the total, unadulterated, 100% accurate and objective TRUTH. All you can do is either ignore them, or, if circumstances dictate, step on them.


Organised religion/occultism is though not necessarily a bad thing. Like growing up, it is something one gets over; though unhappily that is not always the case.


To my mind, part of the proper aim of Occultism is to define one’s own system of, for want of a better word, magick. Clearly one is not going to be in a position to do that from scratch, any more than a five-year-old is going to be able to design and build a space-shuttle. Organised religion provides a useful place to learn about models etc. It is a pity that so many mistake the model for the thing itself, but that is, as they say, their problem.


Like the proponent of Another View, I dislike the trend of certain of the RHP fraternity deliberately to water down their beliefs in order to make them acceptable to the masses. While I have never met the masses, it is a fair bet that they have no real or enduring interest in who you are, what you do or why you do it, and to think that they do and base your system on what you think they think is both arrogant and delusive to the very few who are searching for that step beyond organised religion.


In some senses, this trend of “unreasonable reasonableness” can be seen operating in the CofE, who are noted for their inability actually to do anything and their all-pervading lukewarmeness. Occultism is not about being reasonable or converting people, it is about getting on with what you consider to be the work in the way you have chosen to get on with it.


In short, you show me a “rainbow” witch or any other of these fundie-sired bastard forms of Occultist, and I’ll show you a complete prat with delusions of grandeur, no capacity for honourable behaviour and an underdeveloped sense of self-preservation.


I find it almost impossible to believe that these people are so stupid that they really believe that, if they help the fundies finish us off, they will then be left alone. Yet, as the proverb says, “never underestimate the power of human stupidity”.


ANOTHER COMMENT: DL’s phrase  “RHP lapdogs” should be enshrined in the language as a permanent warning to those who still believe we can make common ground with such timorous beings. As DL also said, most of the RHP is simply dancing around in circles – and it is dancing to the fundies’ tune.



From Dark Lily Journal No 12. Society of Dark Lily. (London 1991)