Dark Lilly Archive - Review the Secret Life of a Satanist






By Blanche Barton


We knew that the man who created The Satanic Bible had to be something special, but we didn’t know how special. We still don’t know, but we have a clearer idea. As Ms Barton says in her book, no-one really gets to know him. The same remark could be applied to DL’s Adept; maybe that is one way of recognising a rare species.


THE SECRET LIFE OF A SATANIST gives much previously unknown biographical information about the man who founded the Church of Satan. Fascinating details of his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood throw light upon the influences which helped shape his interests and eventually led to the epoch-making formation of the CoS. There are many more insights into the life of Dr LaVey and the personalities who gather around him. And some readers will be most interested in the question Did he make it with Monroe and Mansfield? Well, what do you think? But this is not merely a book of gossip and name-dropping (though it offers quite a few surprises along those lines). The Secret Life is a well-chosen title. There are glimpses of the very private man, set apart from the rest of humanity by the clarity of his vision and intellect. Far removed from the Great Showman image that we know. Yet the Showman exists too, and more that we can only guess.


So many quotes I would like to include but I have to choose just one. In answer to the old myth that one has to sell one’s soul to Satan and sign a pact in blood, Dr LaVey replies: Come on – souls come very cheap these days. This myth is perpetrated by Christian Satanists who are following the lead of medieval witch-hunters. Satan demands a much harder task than signing over your soul in blood. He demands that you live your life as fully as you can, prosper by your own wits and avoid misery. You wouldn’t believe what a tall order that is for most people!


As well as a biography, the book gives a valuable account of beliefs and practice within the Church of Satan. Another indispensable addition to the Satanists library.


Published by Feral House, PO Box 861893, Los Angeles, CA 90086+1893 USA. $19.95. Overseas add $3.50 (surface) or $7.00 airmail.


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p11-12 Dark Lily Journal No12. Society of Dark Lily (London 1991)