In the depths of a mind, where shadows dwell, Lies a land of darkness, a somber cell. A realm where melancholy reigns supreme, Where weary souls drift in a haunted dream.

The colors fade, replaced with shades of gray, As once bright skies surrender to dismay. There, joy is fleeting, like a dying ember, A distant memory, too vague to remember.

Invisible chains, they bind the weary heart, A heavy burden, tearing worlds apart. A fog descends, ensnaring thoughts and reason, A chilling mist, in this never-ending season.

Yet within the shadows, a flicker of light, A spark of hope, piercing through the night. A whisper of courage, refusing to break, With steadfast resilience, for sanity’s sake.

For amidst the darkness, a truth remains, The sun shall rise, and banish the chains. In the struggle, one finds strength anew, A testament to the warrior that is you.

Depression’s grip may try to confine, But the battle rages on, in heart and mind. Hold fast to hope, a beacon through despair, And know that love is always, always there.