• Welsh Insults

    Welsh Swearing (Cymraeg) English Translation Cachau bant Fuck Off Hoyw Fag, gay Cach Shit Pidyn Penis, dick, cock Ffwl Fool Yn fytyn Fool Cau dy ben a stedd ar hwn Shut your face and sit on this Cnuchu fy fam Fuck your mother Cer adra’r cont o sais hyll! Go home, you ugly cunt! Twll […]

  • Ukrainian Insults

    | Ukrainian Swearing | English Translation | | Himno | Shit | | Khui | Cock | | Sraka | Ass | | Shliukha | Whore | | Upizdysh | Motherfucker | | Moskal’ | Faggot (male) | | Moskalskiy papiroc | Penis (lit. faggot’s cigarette) | | Kholera v dupi | Pain in the […]

  • Albanian Insults

    Albanian Swearing English Translation Të qifsha të bardhët e syve Fuck your eye whites Të raftë rrufeja May the thunder fall on you Të vraftë Zoti May God kill you Të marrtë lumi May the river wash you away T’u mshelt dera May your door close forever Te humbtë fara May your seed disappear Të […]

  • French Insults

    French Swearing English Translation Va te faire enculer Go get fucked up the ass Ta mere suce des ours dans la foret Your mother sucks bears in the forest Tu me fais chier You piss me off (lit. You make me shit) Il se comporte bizarrement He’s acting weird Va te faire foutre! Kiss my […]

  • Latin Insults

    Latin Swearing English Translation Te futueo et caballum tuum [ALSO: “Te futueo et equum tuum”] Screw you and the horse you rode in on Cunnus Cunt Irrumator Bastard (lit. submits to fellatio) Leno Pimp Flocci non faccio I don’t give a damn Mihi irruma et te pedicabo Give me head and I’ll ass fuck you […]

  • Thoughts on Time Travel

    I went out for a curry with some fine gents this evening, and I was asked a question on whether I believe in the possibility of time travel. Normally, the go-to response would be that rules around a paradox would prevent it – anything that is changed in the past would have an effect on […]

  • Configure Lightburn for Neje Master 2S Plus

    I have a Neje Master 2S Plus laser engraver, and I use Linux, so I have got myself a license of Lightburn, and proceeded to set the device up. First important thing is to install the GRBL firmware on the device – for this download and follow the instructions here (Neje Wiki) Next, download the […]

  • Yiddish Insults

    Yiddish Swearing English Translation Eyn imglik iz far im veynik. One misfortune is too few for him. Shteyner zol zi hobn, nit kayn kinder. She should have stones and not children. Azoy fil ritzinoyl zol er oystrinkn. He should drink too much castor oil. Oyf doktoyrim zol er dos avekgebn. He should give it all […]

  • Kazakh Insults

    Kazakh Swearing English Translation Kotimdi syi Kiss my ass Bog zhep, ol Eat shit and die Katin bolma Stop bitching Anandi sigein Fuck your mother Akendi sigein Fuck your father Dolbaeb Thick headed fool Akmak Idiot (lit. A piece of wood) Kirtpash Show-off Tasak Polite penis Bokg Shit Kotak Cock Am Cunt Kot Asshole Kot […]

  • Why is Pornolizer Being Switched Off?

    Why, after over 20 years is the pornolizer being switched off? Well, I am doing it for a few reasons, and it really does conflict with me in my heart. I love running something that is being used the world over for childish entertainment. Pornolizer, at the last check before removing all telemetry from the […]

  • Swedish Insults

    Swedish Swearing English Translation Fitta Cunt Håll käften din jävel! Shut up you fucker! Hora Whore Bebiskuk Small penis (lit. Babydick) Ditt jävla rövhål! You fucking asshole! Gå och dö! Go and die! Kuk Cock Pattar Tits Fan Damn Subba Bitch Slyna Slut Mammaknullare Motherfucker Kuksugare Cocksucker Knullare Fucker Rövhål Asshole Helvete Hell Bög Faggot […]

  • Lithuanian Insults

    Lithuanian Swearing English Translation Velnio Ishpera Devil Spawn Rupuzhe Toad Rupus Miltai Coarse Flour (Another nasty curse phrase) Kalakutpisa Turkey-fucker AviePisa Sheep-fucker Pyzdaputys Pussy licker Neshk Muilo Get the Hell out of here! (lit. Carry soap) Eik Po Velniais! Go to the Devils Ishkrypelis Deviant Nedatupetas Retard Gyvate Snake! Shudas Shit Bybis Cock Kale Bitch […]