Haunted Manor

In a sleepy town, by a murky shore, Lived folks with tales of yore and lore, Of ghosts and ghouls, and the walking dead, Where shadows danced, and horrors bred.

There was a manor, old and grand, With vines and ivy creeping bland, Its windows dark, its doors ajar, It stood atop a hill, not far.

A family moved to this ancient place, With dreams to fill the empty space, Two parents, and a daughter sweet, Her name was Emma, small and petite.

They swept and cleaned, and made it bright, But things went bump in the night, A shadow loomed at Emma’s bed, With hollow eyes, in tattered thread.

It spoke in whispers, faint and low, Of days gone by, in an ancient glow, It was a lady, with a tale so grave, Who’d lost her love to the sea’s cruel wave.

“My name is Eliza,” spoke the shade, “I wait for my love, I’m so afraid, He sailed the seas, so wild and free, But never returned, back to me.”

Emma was kind and her heart so pure, She vowed to help, she’d endure, To reunite the love that was lost, No matter the pain, no matter the cost.

So, Emma read through books so old, Of sailors, pirates, and treasures untold, ‘Til she found the tale of Captain Grey, Whose ship went down in a storm’s dismay.

With Eliza’s locket in her palm, Emma chanted a ghostly psalm, The winds did howl, the thunder roared, And the ghostly ship to shore was moored.

Skeletons clad in pirate gear, With ghostly shrouds did then appear, And Captain Grey, with his tricorn hat, Stood on the shore, where Emma sat.

“Oh, Eliza, my love so true, The seas did part me far from you, But in my heart, you’ve always been, My light, my love, my eternal queen.”

Eliza emerged, with a ghostly grace, Tears of joy streamed down her face, The lovers embraced in moonlit hue, As waves crashed around them too.

They turned to Emma, and with a smile, They thanked her for crossing the mile, “To you, dear child, we owe our peace, May fortune favor you, never cease.”

A treasure chest from ghostly sands, Appeared before her, in her hands, With gems and gold, and memories, Of pirate tales and the seven seas.

The ghostly ship with its ghostly crew, Into the foggy night withdrew, And Emma felt her heart so light, As the manor glowed in the pale moonlight.

Now, tales are told of Emma’s grace, And the haunted manor’s warm embrace, Where once were shadows, now there’s cheer, For love and kindness, far and near.

In a sleepy town, by the shining shore, Where winds still whisper tales of yore, A family lives with hearts so grand, In the kind, embracing Manor-Land.