An Aliens Questions Answered



It was a
long, hot summer’s evening. I was just returning from a local meeting of the
Aetherius Society (hah!) when I noticed something rather unusual taking place.
A thin, iridescent mist was falling from the sky and soon enveloped me. It
transformed into a shape that vaguely resembled a human. I blinked, to ensure
that my eyes were focussing. Then an unearthly human voice spoke to me… “My
Master from the outer world has sent me with the assignment of investigating
the beliefs of the inhabitants of the Earth. I have already spoken to a
Christian, who tells me there is an ‘Almighty God’, but, when I enquired ‘what
is Satanism?’, he looked upon me with horror and called me an Evil Spirit. Can
you please tell me what Satanism is?”


Indeed I
can, follow me…


Christian or otherwise, serves its purpose for the weak individuals, or the
sheep, as I prefer to call them. They are insignificant little people, who bend
their knees to a hypothetical superior being called “God”. They cannot
physically see him and they do not even have any proof of his existence.


Humans are content to believe in this ‘external super-power’. It is their
emotional crutch. It is the only thing that keeps these sickly Humans


The only
belief which is an exception to this is Satanism, which is also the least
understood, as the average person is unwilling to wake up to reality and the
authorities treat is as a threat. Indeed, it is a threat to them anyway. If
there were an upsurge in Satanic philosophy, the system would have to change
somewhat, and the authorities see this as a dangerous prospect. With this in
mind, they link with the Christian Church to suppress the masses with
terrifying propaganda. “Keep away! Lest ye be devoured by evil forces.”


Satanist laughs, as the Christian Bible itself states “God created man
in his own image.” How true! And who is this ‘God’? It is Man himself.
(A normal biological process – a continuation of the species.)


say that the average human uses about 3% of his brain capacity. The other 97%
is “unknown”. In this 97% somewhere is your ‘God’. It is the 97% unexplored. It
could well be our ‘Occult’, where the unexplained becomes known and the
impossible becomes possible.


of looking for external signs and wonders, as the mystics do, the Satanist uses
introspection and realises his true potential. The Satanist realises that he
is, indeed, his own ‘God’. It gives him a greater sense of value and
self-esteem. We have the victory to overcome all psychological barriers, fear,
depression, inferiority complexes, as these only make it difficult for us to
realise our true self. We must love ourselves. Are we not truly divine? If we
look at some Christian biblical scriptures, taking them metaphorically rather
than literally, we can expound some sense from them (and some good Satanic



SON                                                                       (HOLY

FATHER & SON both describe                                                                       OF

a HUMAN BEING                  –                       that being          –                       GOD.

And that God is YOU if you are a


me for interrupting,” said the Alien, “but what’s all the talk of sacrifice,
blood and dancing around an open fire?”


more than a fiction-writer’s over-imagination. A fiction-writer’s aim is to
sensationalise. He is not interested in facts, only in selling his work. There
is no such thing as “Black” or “White” Magick – only Magick. It is only the
intention of the operator which is referred to as either of these. “White
Magicians” are no better than Christians, who believe in external forces and
that, by manipulating these forces, they will achieve one-ness with God…
eventually!.. and adorn themselves in a false sense of spirituality!


Satanist has already achieved one-ness with his ‘God’, his magickal endeavours
are directed towards ‘materialism’ and are effectively used as weapons if the
need arises.


We are
the elite and it therefore makes sense that, in our awareness of our supremacy
over the conditioned multitudes, though we do not condone their conditioned
responses to the stimuli which society provides, we leave them to their own
devices and respect their views. We do not kill or do anyone an injustice…
unless it is necessary to maintain our survival.


But am I
right in thinking that Satanists worship someone called ’Satan’ or ‘the
Devil’?” enquired the Alien.


He who
affirms the Devil creates or makes the Devil, and that is psycho-logical! When,
for example, a Magician of whatever persuasion assumes a god-form, he/she
unknowingly unlocks the door of his/her subconscious and taps into some
internalised behaviour structures, which exhibit themselves externally in the
person involved in the ritual. The possession syndrome is obsolete. Demons do
not exist. They are a facet of the subconscious mind which has been disturbed during


are not restricted by observances of full moons, solstices or equinoxes, as our
ritual successes do not rely on external forces. This is the main obstacle to
many newcomers to the Left Hand Path.


article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 6, Society of Dark Lily (London