An Introduction to Immortality

An Introduction to Immortality


person is composed of a multitude of different parts, and this has nothing to
with the biological structure of the body. Because so often I talk of concepts
which have never before been publicly known, I must either invent new words to
describe them or must use an existing word in a new context. These “parts” I
will call “cells” but it must be understood that I am not referring to the
physical body. These cells cannot be identified by any scientific apparatus.


The cells
which make up the individual are, on his death, returned to a central store or
pool. They are energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, merely
changed. As each baby is born, sufficient cells are scooped out of the pool to
make up that baby, and that same number of cells will be with him for all of
his life. The “scooping” is entirely indiscriminate, so you are composed of a
mixture of cells from many different lives. Sometimes you become aware of one
or more of these cells, and it is this which has given rise to the belief in
reincarnation. A strong empathy with a certain era or events is a good
indication that one or more of your cells lives at that time. You as an
individual were not there, because the mixture of cells which makes up you, has
never been brought together before. The memory is real, but it applies only to
part of you.


first step is to become aware of all your cells, all the different parts which
have come together to make up this being who is now living. Identifying the
first few may be easy, but there are many which do not make their presence
felt, and you must know them all. Without this knowledge, you will not be able
to keep all your cells together, when, under normal circumstances, they should
be returned to the pool, that is, when you die.


keeping all your cells together into the next life, returning via birth as a
whole being instead of splitting into many unconnected parts, you retain all
the knowledge and abilities acquired during the previous life, in fact, during all
the lives since you became able to retain control of your own parts or “cells”.
This is the reality of Immortality, and is the path of the Adept.


article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 2, Society of Dark Lily (London