Are We Being Used


view of Satanism, as we know, is not a good one. This is partly to blame on
bible-thumping clergy and ill-informed media. But, lurking behind the scenes,
are those undesirable members of “our” Society, who are not true Satanists
but who are looking for an “earner” and using Satan as a means of justifying
their acts.

When I
first looked through the Mirror of Satanism, some five years ago, the
reflection I received was that of corruption, an outlet for pornography and
drug-dealing. I encountered groups who stated that our Master is present in
self-gratification and self-indulgence. Needless to say, this was always
translated as pertaining to sexual indulgence and forgetting the fact that we
can gratify and indulge ourselves in other ways.

our aim is to be free from dogmatic, puritanical christian philosophy, but our
freedom must be total.

These same pseudo-Satanists, when
approached, justify their actions by pointing out Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt”
as the law of anarchy. Fair enough, if people through anarchy satisfy their own
ego, but I believe these pseudo-Satanists are merely using Satanic principles
as a diversion from the underlying motives of profiteers in the underworld of
vice and crime.

Church must be united. We should be one body of people with a common aim, to
serve the Master. We should not argue on doctrine, we should learn of this
mistake from the Christian Church! But we should be free to express our views
and discuss these accordingly. (Perhaps it would be a good idea to have an
annual Satanic Conference for readers of DL?) This view of unity is best summed
up in the borrowed motto of a trade union: “Strength Through Unity”.

On a
personal note, I myself, as a Satanist, do not belong to any group. I prefer to
take an eclectic approach and my principle beliefs are as follows:

Satan is my Lord and Master
Satan is my Protector and Guide
All who profess to follow the Master and dedicate
their lives to Him are the Chosen of His Church,
Satanism is the keyword of positive psychology.

Since I
became a Satanist, I have gained material possessions (one of my own
indulgences) and the ability to control others and alter situations in
accordance with my will (which gratifies my ego!)

therefore strongly believe that Satanists world-wide should be more open
regarding their beliefs, techniques, etc, so that others following the LHP can
utilise this knowledge for the furtherance of the LHP world-wide.

article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 2, Society of Dark Lily (London