Brief Outline

What follows is a brief outline of the teachings of DL, posted as part of an advertisement whilst seeking DL Study Papers. Hopefully it will serve as a brief introduction and summary of the DL system.

The group taught that occult power stems from self-knowledge. Thus the initial task is self-analysis. From this arises an understanding of a being existing within everyone that they called the subconscious mind (usually just called the ‘subconscious’). Generally this being is equated with ‘Satan’ or Shaitan of the Gnostic/esoteric Christian and Sufi thought.

The subconscious usually directs us without us ever being aware of its existence.

The goal of the initiate, according to DL (Dark Lily) is to discern the actions and directions of the subconscious with an aim to separate from it and overcome it. This is what they refer to as crossing the abyss or passing through the abyss. They do not therefore promote the accepted definition of this which perceives it as a single ritual undertaken in one (relatively speaking).

DL talk about immortality, time, ‘past-lives’, atavism and sex magick in a manner that is vastly different from the mainstream of occult teaching, that is probably why I am finding it so difficult to locate any individuals interested in this path/teaching.