CoS Book Review


by Blanche Barton. A History of the World’s Most Notorious
Religion! Available from HELL’S KITCHEN PRODUCTIONS INC. P.O. Box 370, Times
Square Station, New York. NY 10108-0370, USA.

Twenty-five years
ago, on April 30, Walpurgisnacht, 1966ev, Anton Szandor LaVey shaved his head
and declared the beginning of the Age of Satan. From that moment on, both the
famous and the infamous have found their way through the doors of the Church of
Satan, with LaVey as its diabolical “Black Pope”.

Blanche Barton,
Anton LaVey’s authorised biographer, gives a straight-from-the-shoulder account
of the many strange and sensational events (some heavily documented by a media
blitz, others related for the first time anywhere) that surrounded LaVey and
his thousands of followers as they ushered in a new era of indulgence and
carnality, based on pleasure instead of self-denial. Miss Barton

details the
evenings spent with LaVey’s Magic Circle, peopled with artists, writers and
film-makers whose names will be familiar, and points out de-facto Satanists
throughout history, such as Benjamin Franklin, who would, LaVey is sure, have
been in favour of a “United Satanic America”.

In addition, Miss
Barton outlines the direction this ever-growing organisation is taking today,
in her chapter “Satan’s Master Plan”. And she lays it on the line
with what every reader will want to know: “How To Perform Satanic
Rituals” Clearly, no topic has ever been so hot; can you afford not to own
this book?

Taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 11, Society of Dark Lily
(London 1990).