DL Based Study Paper

DL Based Study Paper

The following is not a replacement for the original Dark Lily Study Papers, rather it is an attempt to offer some suggestions for self-study based on the Dark Lily system of personal development. The numbering is for clarification and does not imply a hierarchy or specific structure.

How much do you know about yourself?

Do you follow your own inclinations in accordance with who you truly are? Or do you behave as others would like you? Just to fit in.

What do you hate and why?

What do you like and why?

How many stances do you take each day?

Try to recognise stances in others – see how you react to someone else’s stance.

For a set period of time – of your own inclination – do not react at all. Simply observe, yourself and others.

How do others react to your non-reaction?

What periods of history are you attracted to? This can include the future (via science fiction).

Try to identify aspects of your personality that you have copied from others.

Analyse “good” and “evil” with the emphasis upon balance.

Can you differentiate between your subconscious and your self?

What aspects of your personality are strongest?

What aspects of your personality are weakest?

How many different personalities do you posses? (i.e. the worker, the housekeeper etc)

Are you naturally dominant or submissive? This may vary according to circumstance.

Who are you?

What are you?

What is the reason for your life?

Contemplate and ponder on the statement “All is One.”

Contemplate and ponder on the statement “Know Thyself.”

Consider the positive and negative aspects of not taking stances.

What is preventing you from achieving your goals?

Are your goals logical, balanced and likely to occur? Or are they unrealistic and fanciful?

Spend some time pondering your own death. Visualise yourself on your deathbed or in any of a number of death-like circumstances. What conclusions do you draw from this meditation?

Following on from the death-bed meditation, can you separate the important from the non-important aspects of your life?

How do you think that you can keep your cells together when you die?

How does one realise the concept that ‘the subconscious mind contains the entire universe’?

In connection with sexual-magick, what do you think is meant by the term ‘self-realisation’?

Also, in connection with sexual-magick, how do you use sex to balance, heal, destroy and regenerate?

There are no correct answers. All answers are individual and will be correct for the individual when he or she is satisfied with the answers.

Submissions are welcome to assist others in their DL studies.