Editorial DL12

Editorial DL12


The following
four pages are reproduced by permission of the SORCERER’S APPRENTICE LEGAL

This reproduction
is necessary because, regrettably, only a comparatively small number of DL
readers have joined SA and have therefore received a copy of this bulletin. To
those of you who have joined, we are proud to stand with you. To those who have
not joined: SAFF is campaigning on behalf of all Occultists. That includes you. The successes already achieved
and those yet to come, are for the benefit of all Occultists, in Britain and overseas. How much longer are you
going to sit on the sidelines whilst someone else fights your battles for you?


If this sounds
like an army recruiting posted… in a way, it is. This is a war. No-one has
been killed yet (for which you can thank Lucifer, or good luck, or whatever
else you believe in). But there have been injuries, mental and physical, and
property has been damaged (SA was firebombed – so we can call this the Second
Burning Time).


You don’t have to
stand in the front line. You don’t have to put yourself or your livelihood in
danger. Chris Bray is doing that; for all of us, to ensure that we continue to
have the right to practise our beliefs. What we are asking from you is support:
a donation to the fund; letter-writing when required; information on anything
relevant which comes to your attention.


When it’s all
over, the next generation of Occultists is going to ask: “What did you do
during the Second Burning Time?”


What are you
going to reply?



Anonymous article taken from the
Dark Lily Journal No 12, Society of Dark Lily (London 1991).