Editorial DL5



on the assumption that our readers wish to advance their Occult knowledge and
abilities, we have stated in every issue of DL that the first vital step is the
understanding and control of the subconscious.


If you take a stance that is your
subconscious manipulating you; it has caused you to give a response without
analysing the circumstances. We are quite accustomed to receiving letters which
say ‘yes, I have my subconscious firmly under control’ and then go on to say
‘have you seen that nonsense which So-and-so wrote?’ or ‘why do you have an
exchange advertisement with a magazine that I don’t like? Or some remark which
makes it obvious to everyone except the letter-writer that his subconscious is
still in the driving seat.


So there
is another built-in safeguard to the system. No-one likes to admit that there
is a power within his own mind over which he has no control and which, in fact,
controls him, much to his detriment.


But the
admission does not have to be publicly made. It is for the aspirant
himself/herself to achieve sufficient self-honesty to acknowledge that there is
a problem which he shares with ninety-nine point nine recurring percent of the
population of the world. Then he has to decide whether or not to do anything about


control of the subconscious, nothing can be achieved. The first step is to
accept the truth of that statement. Not easy? And it gets harder.


From the Dark Lily Journal No 5, Society of Dark Lily
(London 1988).