items of bad news in one issue. Firstly, Candid Crest and Black
Candles have ceased publication; their Editor found the pressures
insupportable. We regret the loss, but have some idea of the problems which
were encountered and can understand the very hard decision which was taken.


we have had to discontinue our exchange advertising with Abrasax and Ganymede
in view of their Editors’ expressed support for the criminal activity known as
paedophilia. I am not attempting to place DL in the uncomfortable position of
arbiter of sexual mores, but such activity is not only illegal, it has nothing
whatsoever to do with Occultism and could actually impede one’s development, as
has been explained in DL and in lengthy correspondence with Abrasax and


It is
regrettable that such drastic action as the termination of relations with other
magazines has become necessary.



Taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 8, Society of Dark Lily
(London 1989).