browsing around my favourite Occult bookshop a few months ago, the peace and
tranquillity I was experiencing at the time was momentarily disrupted when a
young man burst through the shop doorway.


“I want
to get rich quick!” he exclaimed.


in the shop turned round in amazement. Was he contemplating a till snatch or a
mugging? I held onto my handbag just in case. The assistant patiently enquired
just what he meant by that statement.


“I want
a money spell, something that will work, mind you, I want to win
something on the horses.”


you ever done any magickal work before?” enquired the assistant.


tried it all,” he replied adamantly.


You’ve tried Qabalah, Ceremonial, Hermetics, Crowley, G.D., etc, etc…?”


It’s all a con, none of it works!”


young man then proceeded out of the shop in a rather nasty temper.


Is this,
the true motivator for the majority of individuals who pursue the LHP? In DL2,
in my article entitled Are We Being Used?, I referred to my material
gains and my ability to control others consequential to my devotion to Satan.
May I clear up some general misunderstandings in this area:


A readers letter re my
previous article relating to material wealth, stated that “if this is what the
LHP has to offer, why is it not more popular, because surely that is what most
people are seeking”. He or she should examine their motives. Are you one of the
majority who are motivated by the prospect of wealth? Maybe the LHP is not
“popular” because the majority never accomplish anything. Only the minority
accomplish everything. It is a falsehood to devote yourself to someone with the
premeditated motive of seeing what you can get out of it.


At this point also, may I
mention that I am myself an ordinary working-class individual. I do not dabble
in the stock exchange nor any other capitalistic endeavours for that matter.
Yet, since my devotion to Satan, every aspect of my life has altered for the
better. This, I believe, is a necessary requirement to the success of my divine
assignment, to promote Satanism in this country. This I am doing very subtly…
or, to be more exact, “they” are doing it for me. My line of influence is
ultimately different.


As many
have found, the use of the media is ineffectual. But I have the use of a
different medium and, having gained access to influence the very people who
influence the media, one creates the “obedience to authority” phenomenon.
Whoever took notice of a self-confessed Satanist anyway? You, too, can achieve
this ability!



Anonymous article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 5,
Society of Dark Lily (London 1988).