has been tremendous. After so many centuries of hiding away in fear, Occultists
are beginning to realise that the New Age will come about through their own
efforts. Since DL has been actively involved in assisting the Sorcerer’s
Apprentice to promote this project, we have received quite a few reactions from

use is it?”

And, the more who participate, the greater the power.

“Is there really no danger of
breach of individual confidentiality?”


“How can
I help?”

in a form. Get all your associates to fill in forms.

The response continues to grow,
demonstrating the integrity and commitment of many thousands. However, there
are people (even some Occultists) who are very good at lying to themselves, and
a miscellany of excuses has been paraded. The only reason for refusing to
participate in this project is, quite simply, cowardice. If YOU will not fill
in a form, at least KNOW YOURSELF clearly enough to understand why.

The next
step is to come to terms with the situation. Shame caused by, for example, lack
of courage is a time-wasting emotion; resolving to amend one’s constitution
simply because one believes the popular view that courage is a Good Thing is
unlikely to be productive. Those who are able to accept what they are and fully
understand the reasons why, are then in a position to assess whether, in
their opinion, any aspect of their character requires improvement and, if
so, how the improvement should be undertaken.

To quite
a few people, the question of the Occult Census has been a catalyst in forcing
self-examination. Very useful, providing they have sufficient wisdom to avoid
over-reaction. One of our correspondents has announced her intention of
retiring from Occultism altogether because she is unwilling “to stand up and be

\[her phrase\]

. That will increase, not solve, her problems.

Does one
need courage to be an Occultist? Don’t give the obvious answer; stop and think.
Courage is not equated with foolhardiness, disregarding or refusing to face
facts. It requires intelligence and that grows with knowledge.

Occult Census has confronted us all with a challenge. Just one of the many that
we have to face, but, for some, it was too hard a test and it came too early.
Their task now is to avoid regarding one failure as an insurmountable barrier
to future progress.

Taken from the Dark Lily Journal
No 8, Society of Dark Lily (London 1989).