Readers Letters DL2




An amazing publication – I have never previously read anything that gave
such a clear indication of the way of the Adept. I appreciate that you cannot
put too much in a magazine, but even the first issue gave more information than
I have seen before,. Why should anyone want to become an Adept? And yet there
are many who do, and perhaps a few who will make it. Is it possible for you to
provide individual instruction?                                                                         


A series of papers is in production – for details. See Page



to the pioneering work of Lamp of Thoth and others, I am sure you will have
received a more cordial welcome than would have been the case some years ago,
when most Pagans seemed to be terrified of the LHP. There is a better
understanding nowadays and DL has an important contribution to make to the
Occult scene.         



I found Dark Lily very interesting and informative and I
loved the feeling coming from the words. I had the impression of
sophistication, truth and a load of beautiful arrogance.                                                                                                                    


The first issue of DL gave me more information than any other Occult book
or mag I have ever read. Please can you tell me how to contact the Master – I
want to sit at His feet.                                                                                                         


The only person allowed to sit
at the feet of the Master is his dog. Humans have to make themselves useful
What talents do you have to offer?



It’s pleasing to encounter a mag whose typist is competent in grammar and
spelling. There are some Pagan mags which give the impression of semi-literacy.
This is not nit-picking. If an uncommitted person picked up such mags as – and
–, he would justifiably conclude that, despite their professed concern for
ecology, Pagans are an uneducated bunch who don’t give a damn for a far more
precious heritage, our language.                                                                                                                    


We “censored out” the names of
the culprits because we do not have time or space to carry on unproductive



from the Dark Lily Journal No 2, Society of Dark Lily (London 1987).