Readers Suggestion DL11


I would like
to see more dialogue between different Satanic groups and some articles/reports
on the Left Hand Path in non-English-speaking countries.

would like to hear from other groups. As we have said, no method is
“right” or “wrong”, it is only right or wrong for the
individual. Contact with non-English speaking Satanists would be welcome, apart
from the obvious difficulty (not everyone in the world has learned English). We
manage some translations, but, if they do not speak English, they will probably
not be aware of DL. Some months ago, our Editor wrote to every foreign-language
Occult mag whose address we could find (eleven), suggesting exchange
advertising. Only one replied and he said no! Any further ideas?

FOR DISCUSSION: We should not be agreeing to a form of logic or moralist with
Christians. The facts show that Organised Christianity/Christian Fundamentalism
is a pernicious belief which is anti-social and actively prejudicial to other
religions and beliefs. An understanding will not work: what is necessary is a
perception of the evils of all organised religious belief, not an involvement
of Occultists in a competition to become acceptable to the conditioned and
twisted minds of the masses.

Taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 11, Society of Dark Lily (London