Review Leaves of Yggdrasil



Freya Aswynn’s book:




This is
the definitive book on the Northern Tradition: the yardstick against which all
other Rune-Books will be judged. Much of this material has never before
appeared in print, and illustrates the deep insights which this talented and
dedicated Priestess of Odin has been vouchsafed into her chosen Path.


Runes have always been regarded as mysterious, but the fact that this book
throws a great deal of new light on the subject enhances rather than diminishes
their fascination, revealing a far more complex theology than had previously
been known and pointing the way for the reader to pursue his/her spiritual


are also detailed sections on divination (beyond mere “fortune-telling”, this
shows how the Runes are used in psychotherapeutic counselling) and magickal
work, where the author’s refreshingly candid approach gives the reader all the
information required. As is explained, the potency of the Runes can make them
dangerous if mishandled, but there is no hypocritical refuge in “secrecy”; the
facts are straightforwardly presented and the reader must take responsibility
for his/her use of them.


final chapter concerns Women’s Mysteries and the pivotal role of women in
Odinism, far too long misrepresented as a men-only warrior cult. No valid
system can function without due recognition of half the human race, and Freya
restores the balance.


pages of comprehensive text and clear line-drawings and diagrams, this book
offers valuable information to every Occultist, whether or not your way is that
of the Asatru.



Taken from the Dark Lily Journal
No 8, Society of Dark Lily (London 1989).