Satanism Fact and Fiction




A waning
moon faintly illuminates the shadowy scene. Black candles flicker and the
stifling smoke of incense wafts through the air. The participants, clad in
black hooded robes, are waiting…


scenario, Satanism as presented by fiction-writers. There may be a goat-like
figure perched above the altar, or a naked virgin sprawled on the altar, a
new-born baby to be sacrificed or a chalice containing unpleasant liquid, to be
drunk like fine wine by the deluded congregation. Long ago, it may have been
shocking, but nowadays it merely sounds rather dull and pointless.


Since Satanism has for so long
been misrepresented by the media, it is inevitable that the misunderstandings
persist, even by would-be recruits. “I feel drawn to the Lord Lucifer, but I
don’t see the point of having Black Masses” said a recently-received letter.
Neither do we. If that is a disappointment, reconsider your own attitude.
No-one here is going to tell you that orgies, Black Masses, etc, are “wrong”, but
they have nothing to do with attaining Occult power, and that attainment is our
main purpose. Beyond a certain level, you would make more progress sitting
alone in a silent room than playacting with robes, candles and other
impedimentia. One of our members recently spoke to a reporter and was trying to
explain as briefly as possible what we were about. “But this isn’t Satanism,”
said the disappointed journalist. “Do you dance nude round a blazing cauldron,
have you ever conducted a human sacrifice, do you have a naked woman lying on
the altar?” When all three questions were answered in the negative, the
reporter said that what his editor wanted was a “traditional” Satanist group,
and rang off. He had no difficulty in finding such a group, of course, and the
resultant article and photographs further propagated the “traditional view”
(which is simply the media’s tradition).


ago, Black Masses may have served a useful purpose, in psychologically
liberating the participants from the state religion which overshadowed their
lives. Therefore they have become obsolete. The liberation is now done inside
one’s own head, which is much more difficult but an essential achievement.



Anonymous article taken from the
Dark Lily Journal No 2, Society of Dark Lily (London 1987).