There are certain
responsible Occultists who are working very hard to contain matters, to improve
our image, gain acceptance, and end the abusive misunderstanding of our selves
and our views. I am one of them; I know what a task we have taken on – and I
sometimes wonder why.


Reading the
vitriolic gutter-press attacks on Occultists, it seems to me that it is the
author rather than the subject of attack who is sick. Having been involved in
Occultism for most of my life, I find it difficult to comprehend that there are
still people who think of Occultists as dangerous perverts. I am a successful
businesswoman, have done a great deal of work for animal welfare and other
charities… and I am a Satanist. That wipes out all the plus-points, does it?


Satan’s slave seems to be a stock cliché. Maybe it’s just the alliteration
which makes it popular, or are they trying to imply that we are trapped, and/or
that we try to trap others? I could quit Occultism today if I wanted to, and
the same goes for every other Occultist I know. We don’t want to, because the
advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. So, when you consider the problems
which we have to face, that at least proves that the study of the Occult gives
us a hell of a lot…



Anonymous article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 10,
Society of Dark Lily (London 1990).