Society of Dark Lily

Society of Dark Lily


limited number of places have been created.


should preferably be ages between 25 or above (below that age, they are
unlikely to have sufficient experience of life to know enough about themselves
or anything else). However, younger people will be consider, provided tat they
can demonstrate a mature outlook.


suitable candidate will probably be of a professional background,
self-confident, adaptable, of flexible thinking, yet dedicated, single-minded,
perhaps ruthless. He/she must be aware that the way to achievement is not
purely by melodramatic ritual and magickal formulae. Applications from suitable
couples are also invited. The methods of the Society of Dark Lily are not a new
concept in Occultism but they are unheard-of in the mainstream of Occult
systems, whose adherents would not have sufficient will-power and determination
to benefit by this instruction.


This is
not an Occult correspondence-club. Membership of the Society of Dark Lily it
the way to real achievement, but, as readers of this magazine have often been
reminded, power only comes with responsibility attached. If you have any doubts
or hesitations, turn the page. If you think you have what it takes, write for
an application form to:


article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 10, Society of Dark Lily (London