The Churchs Guilt cont





Why are
Christians so anxious to accuse Occultists of child molestation? Because the
best form of defence is attack, and the Christians are on the defensive here…
with good reason.


The Catholic
Church’s insurers estimate that, by 1995, the Church will be liable for
financial damages of over ONE BILLION DOLLARS to the victims of sexual abuse by
clergy. Over $25 million has already been paid.


The Church’s
normal method of dealing with abuse is to transfer the guilty priest to another
parish (where he is free to commit similar offences) and to put pressure on the
victim’s parents to take no action for the sake of the Church’s reputation.
Fortunately some parents are more concerned for their children than for the
Church. Dozens of such cover-ups have been established in Court (the number is
increasing so rapidly that any figure quoted would be out of date by the time
this is printed). In the diocese of Orlando, for example, molestation of
children by priests has been known to the diocesan authorities for OVER FIFTEEN
YEARS but the Church took no action against the guilty priests.


The Catholic
Church has been forced to establish psychiatric centres to treat persistently
offending priests. The numbers of such patients referred by their diocesan
superiors now total thousands (and these are the ones whose cases have not been
exposed in Court.)


The Rev.
Thomas Doyle, a high-ranking Catholic official in Washington DC, told the New
York Times that paedophilia is “the most serious problem the Church has
faced in Centuries”. He estimated that, of the Catholic Priests in the
USA, the number of paedophiles was approximately THREE THOUSAND.


The Church
Mutual Insurance Company has issued guidelines relating to child sexual abuse,
admitting that paedophiliac offences by priests and other Church officials
“happens at churches of all denominations and at church-operated camps,
schools and day care centres”. It advises that the church institute a
thorough screening and reference-checking in respect of applicants. The
insurers now recommend that churches check arrest and conviction records and
fingerprints all applicants.


The President
of Church Mutual Insurance Company has been quoted as follows: “the
problem of sexual abuse of children and growing wave of lawsuits alleging
sexual abuse is a real one. It is being felt by churches and church-related
institutions of all denominations.” In many cases it has been found that
the church was negligent for hiring the offender, in supervising the children
and in failing to take appropriate action when cases of abuse were reported or


Because the
Christian dogma insists on submission, children are especially vulnerable to
offences committed by those whom they have been taught to revere. Their parents
are also vulnerable to clerical pressures. The cases which come to court are
only the tip of the iceberg.



Taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 11, Society of Dark Lily (London