The Truth About the Druids Magdas Letter

Magda’s Letter to LOT (issue 23)

DEAR EDITOR: When I wrote the article THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DRUIDS (LOT21) which caused the massive mailbag in LOT22 the intention was to make people THINK about their cherished beliefs; defend them or reject them instead of stagnating in uncritical acceptance. Trouble was, I got tired of the game before it started. Because those myths really are just windmills, its not worth the energy of tilting at them… and I thought they were millstones, holding people back. Maybe quite the reverse; hold on to those myths, because they will keep you safe. Discard them and you venture in that perilous land that might lead to the Abyss. Magdalene Graham. Lincs.

(Taken from Lamp of Thoth Magazine No 23)