has always existed. At the dawn of time, there were missiles, television
stations and X-rays, though they did not look like missiles etc. But all the
bits and pieces that made up missiles etc were there. In different places, in a
different order and the one thing, the thought, that unites them into missiles
had not yet come along. Similarly, all future inventions are here now. But we
have not yet recognised them or put them together.


Time is
everywhere, all time exists. Visualise time as an infinite loop. Located along
this loop are events. This does not imply that the same events will be
experienced again, X million years from now. We do not travel past the same
location twice. Time is only represented as a loop because it has no beginning
and no end.


To visit
any other time, you cross the loop, you do not travel round it. All other times
are there and it is possible to experience them, to transfer yourself back into
the past or forward into the future. It is possible to go there permanently,
but why should you wish to do so, when you can travel anywhere?


It is
not possible to change what has happened in the past. It has happened and is
immutable. The future is being altered all the time. Every time you make a
decision, it affects the future. There is a reaction to every action. To take
an example, before the Second World War, a vast number of people signed the
Peace Pledge. They may have done so with the best intentions, but it could be
argued that so many people so obviously pro peace may have been the deciding
factor in Germany’s taking the risk that Britain would not go to war over
Poland. They had written evidence of a nation not committed to war. No-one can
prove what influence the peace pledge had on the next few years. Without it, would
the Second World War have taken place or not? Sometimes the result of an action
is obvious, often it is imponderable, the only certainty being that the action
has created a reaction.


journey to another time is not physical. The body is unfitted for any existence
other than this one. The event is there in the past and cannot be removed, so
all that is necessary is to link up with that event. All the past and all the
future already exist within your subconscious. As the future is fluid, it is
often asked whether one would encounter the future as it is actually going to
happen or as it will happen if present trends continue. The answer is both,
because there are things which do not actually belong to this world which have
an effect on the future.



Anonymous article taken from the Dark Lily Journal No 2,
Society of Dark Lily (London 1987).