Blending Your Oils

Diving into the world of essential oils can be exhilarating, yet equally daunting for your wallet! That’s why savvy aromatherapists lean on carrier oils as their trusty sidekicks.

🌻 Sunflower Oil: This golden elixir is a great novice choice, being both accessible and subtly scented, ensuring it won’t overshadow your essential oil’s essence.

🥥 Coconut Oil: Not just for tropical holidays! It’s a beloved pick for those seeking an added aromatic dimension in their concoctions.

🍑 Almond Oil
🌰 Hazelnut Oil
🌵 Jojoba Oil

But remember, the magic isn’t just in the mixing. It’s also about the ritual.

Creating Your Sanctuary: Before crafting, purify your workspace to ensure it becomes a conduit for positivity. Whether that’s through sage smudging, or simply tidying up, it’s all about setting the right mood.

Candles & Intentions: Elevate the ambiance! Lighting a candle tailored to your blend’s purpose can truly augment its power. Concocting a love potion? A tender pink flame might be your best ally. While blending, infuse each drop with intention. Visualize abundance, love, or healing, pouring in with every stir.

Charging the Elixir: Just before application, take a moment of connection. Grasp your potion, picturing your energy coursing from your fingertips, spiraling into the blend. It’s this personal touch, this essence of you, that transforms your blend from mere oils to a magical mixture.