Candle Colours and Their Meaning

πŸ”΄ Red: The Ember of the Soul

βšͺ White: Moonlit Purity

🟑 Yellow: The Sunbeam Whisperer

🟠 Orange: Flare of Vitality

🟒 Green: The Verdant Heartbeat

πŸ”΅ Blue: The Ocean of Tranquility

🟣 Violet: The Ethereal Dreamer

⚫ Black: Guardian of the Abyss

🟀 Grey: The Meditative Balance

🟀 Brown: The Rooted Pillar

🌸 Pink: The Gentle Embrace

πŸ”· Indigo: The Mystic’s Voice

πŸͺ™ Silver: Lunar Mirror of the Mind

πŸ… Gold: The Radiant Self

Embark on your mystical journey with these candles, channeling energies and setting intentions. Each hue possesses its unique aura, ready to illuminate your path.