Oil Spells

Money Abundance Oil Spell

You Will Need:

This Money Abundance Oil Spell aims to attract financial prosperity using a combination of sympathetic magic and visualization. When casting this spell, or any other, it’s crucial to focus on your intentions and energy. Here’s a breakdown of the ritual to offer clarity:

  1. Application of the Oil: By placing the oil on the temples, third eye, and pulse points, you are channeling the energy of the oil into your body and aura. These areas are particularly sensitive to energy. Your third eye, for example, is associated with intuition, foresight, and psychic ability, so activating it can amplify the ritual’s effects.
  2. Inscribing the Candle: The act of inscribing your initials and the £ sign anchors your personal energy and intent into the candle. By focusing on the act of carving and visualizing your energy flowing into the candle, you’re charging it with your specific intent for financial abundance.
  3. Anointing the Candle with Oil: This further charges the candle with the energies of the essential oils that are associated with prosperity and abundance.
  4. Holding the Coins: Coins are already symbols of wealth, so by charging them with your energy and intent, they become talismans that attract financial prosperity.
  5. Arrangement of the Candles: Setting up the candles in a triangle amplifies the energy. Triangles are ancient symbols of harmony, divinity, and manifestation.
  6. Anointing the Coins and Chant: This step ties together the purpose of the ritual. The phrase “As like attracts like, money brings more” is based on the Law of Attraction principle.
  7. Lighting the Candle: As the candle burns, it releases the energy you’ve imbued into it, sending your intentions out into the universe. Saying “let it be” affirms your intention and releases it to manifest.
  8. Placement of the Coins: By placing the coins in specific locations (kitchen, living room) and carrying one with you, you’re ensuring that the energy of prosperity permeates different areas of your life. The act of physically carrying a talisman (the charged coin) amplifies the power of the ritual and serves as a constant reminder of your intention.
  9. Patience: Manifestation often requires patience. It’s essential to have faith in the process and not to obsess over the outcome. The more you focus on the lack of money or constantly wonder where it will come from, the more you send out an energy of lack. Instead, trust in the process and believe that the universe will provide in the right way and at the right time.

Remember, the success of such rituals often lies in the practitioner’s belief and intent. So, it’s essential to approach the spell with confidence, positive energy, and clarity of purpose. Also, while spells can help align energies in your favor, it’s always good to accompany them with practical steps towards your goals.

Attracting a Lover

You Will Need:

Perform this spell during a full moon. Take the olive oil and rub it into the candles, dressing them from centre to bottom and then from the centre to the top. Place the gold candle in front of you, and the red candles to either side of the gold one. Place yourself in a meditative state and think of the person whose love you wish to win. Immerse yourself in feelings of love and imagine drawing this person towards you. Now light the candles, and repeat the following incantation:

Here is (person’s name).

This candle is him/her

This flame burns, as his/her spirit burns

If we are meant to be,

Let him/her come to me,

For the highest good,

Blessed be.

Let the candles burn down all night. Once they are burnt down to the ends, place them in the white cloth, and put it in a magical place, for example your altar. This will win the love of the person you wish to attract, if they are willing.

The spell works on multiple levels:

  1. Timing with the Full Moon: The full moon is considered a potent time for love and attraction spells. Its light is believed to amplify intentions and manifestations, and its energy can boost the effectiveness of spells.
  2. Olive Oil Dressing: The use of olive oil is significant in many spiritual and religious practices. Anointing or dressing candles with oil prepares and consecrates them for the ritual.
  3. Candle Colors: The choice of red and gold is symbolic. Red is often linked to passion, love, and desire, while gold can symbolize prosperity, success, and higher spiritual influences.
  4. Meditative State: By entering a meditative state, you open your mind and spirit to the energies around you, making the spell more potent. Visualization is key in many magical workings, and in this case, visualizing the person and the bond you wish to create helps channel your intent.
  5. Incantation: Words have power. The act of saying the person’s name while likening the candle to their spirit forges a connection. The wording “If we are meant to be” respects the free will of the other person, while “For the highest good” ensures that the spell works in alignment with what’s best for all involved. Ending with “Blessed be” is a common Wiccan affirmation, sealing the intention with blessings.
  6. Burning the Candles: Letting the candles burn throughout the night signifies the enduring power and intent of the spell. As the candles burn, they release the energy of the ritual into the universe.
  7. Storing the Candles: After the spell, the remnants of the candles carry the energy of the ritual. By wrapping them in white cloth (a color often associated with purity and protection) and placing them on an altar or another sacred space, you continue to honor and preserve the spell’s intent.
  8. Free Will: The caveat at the end, “if they are willing”, is essential. No spell should ever infringe upon someone’s free will. The aim is to attract and foster a connection, not to force or manipulate feelings.

Luck Spell

You will need:

To enhance your fortune when it seems neither good nor bad, consider this luck-boosting ritual.

It’s most potent when performed during the evening before a waxing moon.

Set a lit candle in the middle of a table. Surround it with a circle made of seven dried apple seeds. Once your seed circle is set, outline it with another circle by tracing with natural vegetable oil.

Once this has been done, recite the following incantation:

Seven seeds for seven sides

Winds within the circle round

Bring me luck to here abide

My fortune to abound

After the ritual, snuff out the candle. Gather the apple seeds and store them in a pouch, envelope, or any handy container. Keep them with you as a talisman for drawing luck and prosperity.