Romance Spells

Roll the Romance Dice!

Feeling a bit lonesome? Not looking at anyone specific? Here’s a fun game to level up your love life!

You’ll Need:

🔮 Directions:

  1. Mix those magical herbs in a bowl. While doing it, think of the most romantic movie scenes you’ve ever watched.
  2. Give your mixture a royal stir with the cinnamon stick three times (like you’re conjuring a fairy godmother!)
  3. Transfer the mixture into your stylish bag, add the rose quartz, and as you pull the strings together, chant:“Herb and stone,Flesh and bone, Bring new love into my home”

Pop this charm under your pillow for dreams filled with starry-eyed encounters, and take it with you like a lucky charm when heading out. Once you’ve landed your Romeo or Juliet, this little charm gets to stay home and chill.

Love Potion Level 99!

This one’s potent! Make sure you’re ready for a whirlwind romance!


💌 Magic Steps:

  1. Scribble both your names on the paper; bonus points if you use a glitter pen.
  2. Wrap your intertwined love-locks in the paper, tie with the ribbon.
  3. Sing your favorite love song while keeping the bundle close to your heart for three days.
  4. Then, have a dramatic fire moment and burn it, and let the wind take the ashes. Wait for the love magic to do its thing!

Box of Love Surprises

After the sun sets, it’s time to create some love magic!


🌙 Moonlight Ritual:

  1. Charge up your items by imagining all the cheesy rom-coms you’ve seen. Feel the love!
  2. Craft a cute paper heart and doodle two hearts dancing on it. Into the box it goes!
  3. Hold the rose petals like they’re the most precious thing ever, then gracefully drop them in the box.
  4. Add your twinkling crystals, then hold the ring up and declare to the universe:“Ring-a-ding-ding, send love on a wing!”
  5. Place your special ring in the box, light up the candle and dance to your favorite love songs for 13 minutes.
  6. Once done, blow out the candle (make a wish!), close the box and repeat this ritual until your candle’s all used up.
  7. When the candle’s just a stub, wear your ring with flair! As for the box, it’s time to let it go. Find a cozy spot in your garden or park and bury it.

Remember, these are all in good fun and should be done with positive intentions and respect for others’ feelings. Happy spell-casting! 🌟🔮❤️